Continuous improvement lies at the very heart of our business. Relying on innovative machinery and equipment, we are committed to creating the most efficient, sustainable, and modern support structures for PV modules.

Cooperation with the scientific community and research

We cooperate with numerous technical universities and research institutes

We have teamed up with the Częstochowa University of Technology, drawing on its long-standing experience in steel processing and the latest research and innovation in the design and manufacture of support structures for PV modules.

We are featured on an interactive map showcasing entities cooperating with the industry sector

We signed research and development service agreements with the Silesian University of Technology and numerous research institutes, allowing us to comprehensively tackle all product- and production-related challenges.

We are exploring and planning for a green future.

We are contributing to an interactive map of cooperation between industry and students of the Faculty of Production Engineering and Materials Technology at Częstochowa University of Technology. Such cooperation is a great tool allowing us to acquire future high-value employees.

Our facilities

Our team’s expertise, extensive knowledge, and collaboration with scientific institutions enable us to customize products to meet specific requirements, addressing all aspects of product design and production.
Equipped with a 5300m2 factory and state-of-the-art machinery, we strive to develop the most efficient, sustainable, and modern solutions for supporting PV modules.

We have built a multidisciplinary team utilizing advanced methods computational and analytical methods for structural design.

We implement proprietary structural and manufacturing solutions developed jointly with the Silesian and Częstochowa Universities of Technology. They allow us to optimize structures regardless of the wind zone, snow zone or geotechnical conditions.
We are working on a project using NCBiR funds in the amount of PLN 15 million. The research work will result in
proprietary, innovative machines and support structures with increased static and dynamic strength and limited foundation depth.